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Once you signup for your free Textafied account, then login and ...
  1. Choose your free number
  2. T&C video Create your T & C (compliancy) page
  3. Autoresponders Create your first keyword, group (or list) and autoresponder

    If your having any problems with 2 & 3 , we can set it up for you. We just need some basic information from you, simply fill in the free setup form, and make sure all information is accurate.

We will contact you when its all set up, you can then login and edit or change anything if you wish.
Then put your keyword and longcode out there (examples), advertise outside & inside your business, signs & flyers, local newspapers, facebook groups, your webpages, etc., your limited only by your imagination.

A few ways that may help you ....
Feature your opt-in keyword & message on social media and encourage your followers to share/retweet
Use Google AdWords
Set up a contest with prizes for customers and/or employees who refer the most new subscribers
Offer new clients discounts, sales, coupons etc. if they subscribe
Update your company's email signature to include your keyword (this could actually convert existing customers, too)
Include your keyword, toll free number and incentives on your business cards
Add your keyword, toll free number and incentive details to your voicemail and on-hold message
Create space on your website where you can place sign up forms for new subscribers. Our platform allows you to quickly build such web sign-up forms under Tools - Web Sign up Widgets. Visitors who sign up will automatically be added to your list.

Example of the pop-up signup widget

Example of the embeddable signup widget - you can set width and height


A good deal, bogo offer or free coupons deal will attract not only the initial subscriber but most often their friends and family as well, your lists will continue growing with very little effort, when you offer a "good deal!"

You can check out your campaigns by joining your own list ( text your keyword to your toll free number ) see how it looks and feels, you can then login and remove yourself from the list.

Hover your mouse over the button (upper right in your account) to begin in any section.

When you use up your initial 100 free credits, just contact us with your first and last name and username, ask for "FREE Top Up".
You can receive 100 text credits free per month (calculated from 30 days since your registration date).

Remember, you can earn by referring others to Textafied. Earn 10% of any credit package that your referrals purchase, click the Affiliates link in your account to get your referral URL.
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