What is Text Marketing?

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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing (short message service marketing) , also known as text message marketing or mobile marketing, is a method by which businesses and/or organizations can mass text (or single text) specials, coupons, promotions, alerts, important info, and more to their highly targeted, permission-based, opted-in customer lists.
These lists are easily built using the software features available in your Textafied Back Office"
More on how to build your lists can be found here

Text Marketing

What is Permission Based Marketing?

Permission based is a form of marketing in which customers give their explicit permission to be marketed to.Opt in text marketing
This can be via an online opt-in form, contest entries, or by texting a particular keyword to your longcode.

Interruption marketing is the exact opposite.
Marketers try to interrupt whomever they can, in hopes of forcing a promotional message or offer on the consumer.
This alternative to permission marketing has become a mainstream way to advertise, as we're all hit with unwanted messages everyday.

We as consumers, are exposed to over 3,000 interruption marketing messages on a daily basis.
To combat all these messages fighting for our attention, we've developed a "hard outer shell" to block out this communication.
That's why we're now seeing more provocative, over-the-top ads in modern media.

How exactly does permission based marketing break through that shell?
It does so by only marketing to people who have expressed specific interest in certain messages.
That's why SMS marketing is so effective.
With that being said, let's talk about why text messaging is so powerful.

Why SMS Marketing?

Benefits of SMS Marketing

There are many different benefits of SMS marketing, and they vary based on the industry you're in, and how you choose to use it. Here are some of the most common benefits experienced by marketers and business owners who use SMS.

SMS Marketing Statistics

Now that we have some background on why SMS marketing is so powerful, let's take a look at some quick stats.

SMS Has Huge Volume, Nearly Guaranteed to Be Read by Your Audience

Huge Conversion Rate

Incredibly High ROI and Retention Rate

What Gets Sent via SMS?

The Pur360 report offers a wide array of examples, by industry.
This includes banks sending account balances, execution confirmations, alerts for large transactions or balances outside a client-designated range, and one-time password verification codes.
Retail businesses send order confirmations, special offers, coupons, links to customer surveys, etc.
Entertainment venues send notices of upcoming events and cancellations, special offers, surveys, etc.
Travel-related businesses send booking confirmations, reminders and status updates, follow-up offers, etc.

Why is SMS so Popular With Recipients?

SMS stands for “Short Message Service,” and at 160 characters it takes almost no time to read and comprehend a message. It’s also dead simple to use, allowing live links that open mobile webpages or set up a phone call with a single click.

Using SMS the Right Way

Forrester’s “Guide to Using Mobile Moments with Messaging,” quotes their “Q2 2014 Global Mobile Executive Online Survey,” saying that 49 percent of marketers use SMS. This means more than half of marketers miss the opportunity represented by the stats quoted in this post.

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