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Dashboard Demo-Choose your free number
Choose a local area code and number, or pick a toll free number, its free!

Create Mobile Pages
This video shows how to create your Terms and Conditions page which you should do FIRST before anything else, as advised in our anti-spam policy.
Then you can create up to 5 more mobile pages for your business if needed, this is sometimes a very good idea because of the fact that your limited in size of texts sent, this way you can send links to other mobile pages containing more information, if needed.

Setting Up a "Group or List" and its associated Keyword
Long codes allow you to have as many lists and keywords as you want, without any extra charges, & without the headaches of discovering your intended keyword is not available, which happens all to often with short codes.

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See how one enterprising business owner has used a couple of the popular text marketing features
( The Loyalty Kiosk Builder & Loyalty Rewards System ) to strengthen and grow their small business

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