Online 2-way SMS Chat

Online 2-Way SMS Chat

Our online 2-way SMS chat utility now connects you or your customer service department to your mobile customers, via SMS!
Have a 2-way chat with them, much like any instant messenger tool like Skype or GTalk, but communication will all be handled through SMS.
SMS chat gives you the ability to actively engage with your clients, giving you new ways to reach out in real time, for pennies as opposed to a 10-15 dollar phone call!

Some of the benefits of 2-way SMS chat are improving customer support, giving companies an easy, fast and efficient way of interacting with customers.
All communication is in real-time, so you can follow-up in a timely manner and see their responses almost immediately.
Gather valuable feedback and make communication with your customers a 2-way street, all via SMS with an instant messenger interface!

Something to consider: How would you prefer to contact customer support to ask a question or inquire about a recent purchase? By phone, email, or a text message?

If you’re like most of us, you chose text message. The fact is most people prefer SMS over other mediums of communication since it is the most convenient and efficient way to communicate and get answers quickly. A lot of us like to avoid the uncomfortable phone conversation and handle things via text.

Now ask yourself this: Do you know any businesses that allow text message customer support where you can text their support line for questions and get answers back via text message?

I am willing to say the answer was….NO!

With our online 2-way SMS chat system, you can now stand above the rest and offer support via text message to your customers, all through a nice instant messenger interface!

Some main features of our SMS Chat utility:

  • Sound alerts for new incoming messages when on the chat page.
  • Mark certain contacts as favorites and filter by those favorites.
  • Search contacts by number and name(if one exists).
  • Insert pre-made templates, allowing you to save time.
  • Insert merge tag fields such as [Name][Email][Phone][Birthday].
  • Insert shortened links.
  • Insert links via the filestack interface, allowing you to select files from 20 cloud sources.
  • Download chat history for each conversation.
  • Add new contacts directly from SMS chat.
  • Schedule appointment reminders and messages for contacts inside SMS chat.
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