Before you even start the process of building your list with our SMS marketing service, you need to ask yourself some vital questions…

“What’s in it for the contact?”


“Would I subscribe if were presented with a similar offer made by a familiar product or service provider?”

Remember, your contacts don’t care about you.

They care about themselves.

About what YOU can do for THEM.

No one is going to opt in to your mobile marketing campaigns unless you can give them a compelling reason to do so.

What are some compelling reasons?

Bottom Line on Creating Easy Opt-In Campaigns?

Building a list with Textafied SMS marketing service is easy if you…

Define the benefits clearly.

Think, “WIIFM?” (What’s in it for me?) from the perspective of your customer.

Execute it all with a clear call to action…

“To receive an instant coupon for 20% off your next purchase and receive exclusive weekly deals directly to your phone (we do not advertise these offers anywhere else!) text PIZZADEAL to 888 707 7898.”

Your “Keyword” (i.e., PIZZADEAL ) and number (i.e., 888 707 7898 ) would of course be different.

So take your time. Do this part right.

Because it will make all the difference to the success of your opt in campaigns.