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Text Marketing for Accountants and Tax Firms

Are you struggling to find new business for your accounting firm? Having trouble with clients who keep missing appointments or forgetting about quarterly filings? Maybe you just need a new approach to keep employees engaged? There’s an easy, effective, and affordable answer for all that—text marketing, or SMS marketing.

Text marketing is by far one of the best ways to ensure your messages are read. Check out these stats:

Plus, the cost of text marketing campaigns is minuscule.

In this guide, we’ll begin by briefly reviewing some of the challenges for marketing in the accounting industry. Then, we’ll offer some ideas for how accountants and tax firms can use SMS marketing to meet some of those challenges and succeed in a competitive marketplace. Finally, we’ll offer suggestions for building a subscriber list.

Marketing Challenges

In 2015 Hinge Research Institute surveyed 530 firms and published research on the top 5 business challenges within accounting and financial services. And November 30 2016, AccountingToday provided insights for 2017 based on input from over 800 accountants, CPAs, and tax professionals. Here are some of the main takeaways:

  1. Advances in technology. Automated solutions and the approach of more comprehensive information-sharing systems are forcing accounting firms to adapt for the future and streamline their processes.
  2. Smarter, savvier clients. People in the market for accounting services are embracing technology, demanding broader services, and expecting better and faster communications. This means that in order to attract and retain new business, companies must diversify their portfolios to include specialty services and/or consulting. It also means they must improve client communications.
  3. Smaller talent pool. The Baby Boomer mass exodus is creating competition to acquire and retain top talent, which means employee engagement is a crucial consideration.

SMS Marketing Ideas for Accountants

If you’ve been reading between the lines with us, you’ve already guessed that SMS marketing might be a good tool for tackling those challenges. But how to use it, exactly? Well, we’ve got a few ideas, so read on, numbers ninja.

Texting ideas for individual clients:

iPhone screens with countdown text example of text marketing message

iPhone screens with text marketing message offering cash advance

Texting ideas for business clients:

iPhone screen with text marketing reminder about estimated tax

Some other great ideas for texts:

iPhone screen with text marketing notification about new app

iPhone screen with happy birthday text marketing message

How to Get Subscribers

Now that you’ve got an idea of how SMS marketing for accountants can help, the task is to gather subscribers. Textafied makes that easy, whether you’re building a list from existing customers or starting from scratch.

The first step is to complete our quick sign-up process for your free trial—there’s no credit card required, and not a single string attached. From the dashboard, you can easily import contacts from a spreadsheet or add them manually.

Don’t forget, though, that the Telephone Consumer Protection Act requires you to follow a few important compliance rules before beginning a text message marketing campaign.(see more info in our anti-spam policy) For instance, you must have express written consent before sending out marketing texts. You should also familiarize yourself with the distinction between marketing texts and transactional texts, the latter of which does not require express written consent.
Transactional messages are any texts “facilitating, completing, or confirming a previously agreed upon transaction.”
Promotional messages, on the other hand, are any other texts that aren’t directly involving an existing transaction.

Here’s how to turn existing customers into subscribers:

You’ll also want to make use of keywords to bring in new customers. With our free trial you can create un-limited keywords. Once people know your keyword, they can text it to your long code to subscribe.

Textafied`s SMS marketing campaigns use this basic structure for opt-in messages: Text [keyword] to [long code] for [offer]. So, for example, you might end up with something like this:

Text “taxesRfun” to 555 8888 for free tax tips and reminders

Here’s how to use that opt-in to get new subscribers: