SMS Text Marketing for Spas and Salons

Keeping customers abreast of what is going on at the spa or salon will bring them back, sometimes with even more business.

Instant Communication
Communication is a large part of marketing. While emails and phone calls have been used in the past, SMS messages guarantee instant contact, no matter where clients may be. Smartphones are gaining popularity making it easier to reach people anywhere and anytime. Seasonal facials, massages, or manicure services can be instantly communicated via SMS messages and don’t run the risk of expiring in the mail or sitting in a voicemail box for days on end.

Capitalizing On Prior Interest
All SMS communication has to be approved by the recipient, so if they are on the list, they have shown prior interest. This is perfect for sales and promotions. The goal of marketing is to attract business, and capitalizing on prior interest is the most effective way to attract past customers and build a steady base of returning clientele.

Cost Effective
Maintaining a spa or salon can be time consuming with constant expenditures in products. Marketing via SMS messages is cost effective and can cut down on advertising expenses. The average return on SMS messages is 20%, or one in five people. By investing in a short message and a small cost to market via SMS, the return will far outweigh the cost and increase spa or salon business. The more money invested in SMS messaging, the more potential business can be drawn to your salon or spa.

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