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Free Set-Up
My chosen long code number = 1-123-456-7899
My first & last name = John James
My username = JohnyJ
My Business name = Best Pizza and Subs
Physical postal address of my business = 1125 Dundas St. East London Ontario, N5K 2K0
My business telephone number = 1-416-555-6789
My desired keyword and how many times per mth I plan to message my list = keyword(Best) 6-8 times per month

Also include any incentive that you may want to offer people to entice them to text in your keyword.
example: show this text for 10% off, show this text for free appetizer, show this text for free large drink, etc.

This incentive will be included in your initial autoresponder and you can use it when advertising your keyword
example: On your signs, fb posts, flyers, emails etc. may read "Text 'best' to 1-123-456-7899 to receive free large drink with every large pizza Friday & Saturday. Best Pizza and Subs
Be sure all information is included and correct.
We will set up your terms & conditions page (compliancey page) and your first autoresponder.
Then you must advertise your keyword !!
You can login and edit any info at any time, we hope you can make good use of our software and share our site with your friends
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