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  Thanks to its unavoidable nature, text and SMS marketing are perfectly suited to the retail market. Marketing in the retail sector requires a huge campaign of direct mail, email and inserts to be effective.
  The success of this campaign hinges completely on the consumer actually taking the time to read the material.
   With SMS and text message marketing, it’s almost guaranteed that the contact will at least check to see who the text is from, if not read it completely.

  So it stands to reason that text message marketing can and will be extremely beneficial to the retail market.

    Consumers in today’s world are bombarded with advertising in all forms of media. Print, television, mail and email advertisement are staples of daily life.
   What these all have in common is that consumers can, and do, easily ignore them.
  Mailers and papers can be thrown in the trash, channels changed and emails sent to spam folders.

    Text message marketing allows for businesses to circumvent all the automatic dump valves, like throwing the flyers in the trash, and get directly to the consumer. An overwhelming majority of the public owns a cell phone, and text messaging has become a primary form of communication. Being so popular, cell phone owners will almost always read a text message if their alert goes off. This makes text and SMS message marketing a convenient and unobtrusive way to get a message to consumers.


     Text message marketing is an economical marketing plan with a very high Return On Investment.
It requires very little overhead, staff or effort.
In a world where consumer marketing is awash with mass email and mailings; text and SMS is the new avenue.
Retailers can effectively and cheaply communicate their message to all current and prospective customers with little effort and increase sales dramatically.

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