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All prices shown in $ U.S. and include all applicable taxes.
  Left over text credits at months end will roll-over into the following month.

Each text credit is equal to 1 text message (SMS) to 1 phone.

2 credits for MMS (Images included in your messages).

Incoming messages are 1 credit.

You choose your first free long code when you register

Long codes are restricted to 1 sms message per second per long code, which can run into a considerable amount of time if you have a larger group/list.

To speed up the process we offer Free extra long codes for credit packages as shown below.

So for example with the Basic Plan, you could have 125 subscribers on your list, and if you send out 4 text campaigns per month.

125 Subscribers
x 4 campaigns per month = 500 Messages sent

    125 ÷ 60 seconds = 2.08 minutes ÷ 2 long codes = 1.04 minutes to send your message to 125 subscribers.

The Free Plan!
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      FREE Plan More on our free plan

           $ 0 per month

      100 Text Credits /mth.
      2 Voice Messages



           $21.99 per month

     500 Text Credits
     50 Voice Messages



           $40.99 per month

     1000 Text Credits
     100 Voice Messages



           $71.99 per month

     2000 Text Credits
     200 Voice Messages



           $125.99 per month

     4000 Text Credits
     300 Voice Messages



           $229.99 per month

     8000 Text Credits
     400 Voice Messages

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