Multiple Long Codes

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Free Multiple Long Codes to help Speed Up Delivery

Local Numbers

Long codes ?? confused, this will help
You can choose your first Free long code when you register, then if you decide to upgrade to a text credit package we will activate your account so you`ll be able to choose more free numbers.

We provide extra free long codes or toll free numbers for every level and we also provide the ability to purchase additional numbers, sometimes useful if you have a very large list of contacts, it allows you to spread the workload across multiple numbers.

For example with the Level4 Plan, you could have 500 subscribers on your list, and if you send out 4 SMS campaigns per month.

500 Subscribers
x 4 campaigns per month = 2000 Messages monthly.

   Each text campaign would take 500 seconds or a little over 8 minutes to send using 1 long code
Using 10 long codes it would take just 50 seconds to send your message to 500 subscribers.

This is very useful because there is currently a limit of 1 SMS per second for each long code number in US and Canada.(3 SMS per second for each toll free) You have the option to rotate through all your numbers when sending your bulk SMS by simply ticking a checkbox, which reduces the risk of triggering any spam filters by the network carriers.

Choose from literally hundreds of voice activated and SMS enabled local long code & toll free numbers after account registration. Enjoy the savings that long code text marketing provides.

Do away with all the restrictions and exorbitant costs connected to short codes ( over 1000.00 monthly + setup fees, then there's even more extra charges if you want extra keywords, who needs it ! ).

Registering long codes or toll free numbers with Textafied is easy, cost effective and virtually instant, plus we provide free unlimited keywords!
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