Long Code vs Short Code

What is a Long Code?

A Long Code is a standard phone number that is used to send and receive SMS and MMS messages.
In countries that use the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) a long code is 10 digits.
The number of digits in a long code will vary by country where they are not using the NANP.

Choose your free long code number (or a toll free #) within your Textafied Account

We offer a free long code or toll free number for all of our text credit packages, as shown here.
A long code is what most of us use when sending messages from our mobile devices to other people’s personal mobile devices, (this point illustrates the fact that a long code is a much more personal approach than a short code, and this can have a huge impact with your customers and potential customers.)

The Rules for Long Codes

There are different technologies and regulations for sending messages depending on whether you are using a long code, a short code or a toll free number.

For example, when sending with a long code, the sender is limited to 1 message per second and a toll free number can send 3 SMS messages per second.

Why Use a Long Code?

It is easier and less expensive to set-up long codes than short codes. Also, less restrictive opt-in policies allow you to leverage more of your customer database.

Perhaps the best reason for using a long code is marketing, you can send and receive text messages and voice calls using the same number in your Textafied account, which is perfect for branding your business.

You manage text messages more like emails when using the Textafied Back Office.
You can access your text messages from your back office, via any web browser and even have them forwarded to your personal cell phone or your email.

Here`s a very good example of a long code in use. 

When long code vs short code on who's the most personal it’s hands down long code.


For instance when you print your number on your ads and signs, etc. “Text "FREEBIE" to 313-288-9911 to receive your FREE Coupon your telling people that you are local.


It simply makes anyone reading it feel that there is a real person on the other end of the text, where a shortcode has the opposite effect.  This projects a very good, non spammy feeling, adding legitimacy and trust.
Long codes have always had a more local and personal feel to them.


Using a long code for sending automated information gives you much greater flexibility and lower costs than using a short code.
Because you own the entire number you can have unlimited Keywords to create endless campaigns.


This can be for different purposes and gives you much more granualar data on what locations, partner channels and media are working the best for your conversions. 

Long codes can enjoy long conversations

Long codes allow for 2 way texting with your audience which is a huge advantage for many businesses. Sometimes potential customers will want to chat with you to help them on a buying decision, so you need that capability to engage at the right time.


Not many try to text back to a short code because of the instant feeling of an automated system on the other end. If you do, you will quite likely get the message STOP or HELP or something such as “Invalid reply”.


Using a long code will allow 2 way chats when needed and give the impression that you are on your cell phone at the other end, which builds the trust and loyalty that you need.