Link Shortening and Tracking

Link Shortening and Tracking
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With Textafied, you have the option to shorten your links when sending your bulk SMS so they don’t take up as many precious characters in your text messages.
You can shorten any of your links and include that in your bulk SMS, autoresponders, polls, contests or wherever you want.
You can also track how many clicks were made for a given link to see how effective your message was.
Obviously more clicks on a link means more interest in that message.
You will have insight on what messages work and what doesn’t, allowing you to tweak your message content for campaigns receiving a low "Click Through Rate".
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We’re integrated with bitly.com, the world’s leading link management platform, to shorten and track link clicks in the platform.
All that is required from you is to create a free account with them and link it to the platform in your account page.
A very helpful little tool!

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