Unlimited Keywords

Unlimited Keywords
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With Textafied SMS Marketing you can use unlimited keywords in your marketing campaigns.
Mobile keywords are an element of mobile marketing campaigns to appeal to a certain target market.
Both large and small businesses, companies, product owners and more have started new mobile marketing campaigns to increase business, promote their brand or even keep their current customers in the loop about new happenings within the business or company.

An easy way to get on these lists is for the prospective client to text a mobile keyword to a certain number, which automatically subscribes them to your SMS service.
You could advertise this number through banners, signs, posters, flyers, Facebook, newspaper advertisements or even radio ads.
An example of a mobile keyword could be text “FREE DRINK” to 1-226-368-6767, FREE DRINK being the keyword in this example.
For another example go to how it works

Mobile keywords are a great tool to use because the person who sent you the text is volunteering themselves to your SMS list; you don’t have to worry about invading anyone’s privacy, bothering someone who isn’t interested in your product or service or mistaking a prospective client for someone else. Their number is registered as a subscriber when they send the mobile keyword.

Our software allows you to use UNLIMITED keywords in your campaigns!
There is no restriction on the number of keywords you can use like many other services have.

With other services, you may get access to 1 custom keyword and have to purchase additional keywords should you need more.
Having the ability to use unlimited keywords is great for testing which keywords have the greatest response rate. The sky is the limit with mobile marketing, and it’s a great tool for you to use to be up-to-date with the latest successful marketing campaigns bringing in new clientele and revenue to both small and large businesses.
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