How does SMS or Text Marketing work?

Short answer... very easy and amazingly effective ! ✅

No Credit Cards, No Contracts, No Commitments,
No Kidding!
Cancel or Upgrade Anytime.

How Text Marketing Works

First, just Sign-up, it`s Free, then choose your free longcode (virtual number)
When you register, you will see 100 Free text credits in your account, use these to test and learn, build your customer base without spending a cent, upgrade to a paid plan only when you have out-grown our Free Plan and feel ready!
Cancel anytime with no obligations or hidden fees.
Next create your group/list with your chosen keyword, create your Auto Responder message and a Mobile Terms/Conditions page as seen in our Anti-Spam Policy
  Then, all you need to do is advertise your Keyword inside your place of business, & outside, on receipts, on signs, on tabletops, flyers, magazines, newspapers, social media, emails, forums, menus, business uniforms, taxi`s, buses, park benches, the opportunities are endless! SMS Marketing Video View our Video Tutorials

"Potential" customers should see your KEYWORD advertisements/offers as something of interest and value so they naturally decide to text the "Keyword" back to your (longcode) number, there by opting-in to your group.
When they text your KEYWORD, our software saves their cell number to the group that you previously created, in this example it would be the group with the keyword "EATQ". The auto reply which was also previously created for this particular group, is sent back to them (at what-ever time interval you decided when setting it up)
The software automatically adds the "Reply Stop to END" message, which is required by law.

They have now opted in to your group.
You can now send periodic texts containing a discount coupon, special deals, announcements, birthday wishes, text contests and more, keeping them engaged, interested and returning to your place of business, ultimately growing your business and revenues.
Send a text to the entire group at once, or individually, you can even schedule messages to be sent at certain times in the future, leaving you free to operate your business.
Take a look at all the Features available
    Studies have shown that more than 4-6 texts per month could have a negative effect and result in customers opting out.

Building your SMS Marketing Customer Lists

Step 1 – A mobile phone user sees something (an incentive of some type, a free offer, a discount, a v.i.p. invitation, a chance to win, etc.) that directs them to text a keyword to your longcode (you will choose your free longcode number from within your account).

Note: At Textafied we dont use short codes because of the expense, and we pass these savings on to our clients.

In this example lets use a burger restaurant with the Keyword "Burger".

The instructions could say “Text burger to 837-7733 for 50% off any regular burger!”
These instructions could be placed almost anywhere.
First think about the resources that are already available to you...outside the restaurant, on the table tops, on the cash register receipts, in the menu, placed on a website, emails, facebook, read aloud in a radio ad, printed on the side of a bus, the list goes on and on, you get the idea.
Remember, your trying to capture people’s cell numbers by enticing them to optin to your list.”

Step 2 – The user composes and sends a new text message on their phone. The “to” number will be 837-7733(your longcode} and the message body will be “burger.” They have now opted in to your list.
Burger, being the keyword in this example.
In your Textafied account, you can create unlimited keywords

Step 3 – That message is received by our SMS marketing software that stores the user’s phone number and immediately sends back your pre-written response,(auto responder in your Textafied acount) something like “Show this message to the cashier to get 50% off any regular burger”

Step 4 – At some point in the future the burger shop owner can log in to their Textafied account and send a text message out to everyone who opted-in earlier. They would do this to advertise sales, events, specials, promotions, anything that would entice more customers into your place of business.
Make no mistake, text marketing works very well and boasts a Huge Conversion Rate

Of course this system can be applied to almost any industry, its not only for restaurants, it also works very well in retail, real estate, auto dealerships, spas/salons, medical/dental practices, and so on.

Similar to email marketing the goal of SMS marketing is to build a database of subscribers and then message them in the future with specials, promotions, news, etc. The software used to run our text message marketing campaigns is web-based (accessed with only a browser or even on your cell phone) and very similar to email marketing software, except SMS marketing has a 98% open rate which is roughly 10 times higher than email.

So to RECAP:
1. Advertise your Keywords.

Sign up with Textafied and create your own Unlimited Keywords and/or Groups. Then share your Keyword with the world.
Imagine a message like "Text DEALZ to (the free number you choose) to get monthly coupons".
Advertise your Keywords on your in-store signs, outdoor signs/billboards, website, facebook, email signatures, forums and more.
You can also create a "Kiosk", SMS kiosk Web Sign-up widgets and/or Mobile pages from your Textafied office and display them on a tablet in your place of business or put them on your website pages. Soon you'll have a very large, opted-in list and be amazed at how easy it was to increase your revenues.

2. Send Promotions, Reminders
Notifications, Invitations & more

Send your first message in minutes.
Customers that text your Keyword will automatically become opted-in subscribers. Or, you can easily upload your own list.
What kind of message will work best for your audience? Will it be a coupon, an event notification, or a reminder?
Text Marketing works for any kind of message that you want opened fast!

3. Watch your Sales & Engagement Grow

With a 98% open rate, SMS Marketing can't be beat for engaging with your audience.

Texting is the preferred method of connecting with businesses and the communication tool of the future. Don't get left behind!   SIGN UP NOW!

kiosk image

Start collecting your customers’ most important number, their cell phone, increase repeat business, referrals and reviews.
Use the "Kiosk Builder", display it on a tablet where customers enter or leave your business
Capture their cell phone numbers and your sms loyalty rewards program will take care of the rest
They will return again and again for your specials, promos, events, etc., that you can pre-program into the system.
  • Showcase your specials, events, promotions, new products etc. and increase revenue.
  • Quick convenient and easy for customers to use — no punch-cards or apps!

SMS Marketing Made Easy

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