Free Text Marketing Setup

After your signed-up, logged in and have your free number assigned to your account, then it`s time to setup your first list (or group) with keyword, autoresponder and your compliance/terms and conditions page
( required by law )

Example T&C Page
We will setup your first group/list with your chosen keyword and associated autoresponder and your T&C mobile page.

We can do this for you or you can set it up your self, how ever you wish to proceed.
For your free set up, you must include ALL the following info.

(copy & paste this block of text into the message form below, then change everything in green to your own information.)

My chosen number is: 1-844-456-7899

My first & last name is: John James
My username is: JohnyJ

My Business name is: Best Pizza and Subs

Physical postal address of my business is: 1125 Dundas St. East London Ontario, N5K 2K0

My business telephone number is: 1-416-555-6789

My desired keyword is: Best

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Be sure all information is included and correct.
We will contact you by email when it's completed and ready

Your free to login and edit any info at any time

Then all you need to do is advertise your keyword!, a few more ideas to help can be found here and it's also explained on our how it works page

Example of how a burger shop might advertise their keyword to entice people to join their text marketing list
Restaurant SMS text marketing
This incentive should be a good offer of some sort and the word will spread like wildfire.

Of course SMS marketing is not only for restaurants or diners, it can work equally well in Retail, Real Estate, Professional Offices, Municipalities, Schools, almost any organization or business can use it and create their own campaigns using some of the tools we provide such as timed autoresponders set to send a message at a future date & time or scheduled reminders set to send on certain days. From customer loyalty rewards programs and custom coupons to birthday SMS wishes, we have a full feature set designed to get their attention and keep them engaged.

We hope you can make good use of our software and share our site with friends     

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