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Personalized Sales
The best way to target customers is to customize text messages that capitalize on past interest. Only 25% of people that enter car dealerships end up buying the same day,Text marketing for dealerships so the potential to gather cell phone numbers and keep in contact is available. By doing this, it shows customers that car salesman are thinking about them and are really looking for the best deal for them. Even after a sale, a dealership can attract more business by maintaining the lines of communication open for future sales and referrals. This personalized approach will appeal to customers and increase sales potential.

Customers need to opt in to receive text messages from vendors. If a customer opts to receive SMS messages from a dealership or salesman, the interest is already established and will appeal more to a customer. Chain emails from vendors are only opened 40% of the time and most often redirected to spam folders. Text messages, however, boast a 90% open rate. By default, the efficiency of SMS messages is among the highest in electronic communication.

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