Bulk Scheduling

Bulk SMS Scheduling
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Textafied allows users to have full control of when their SMS messages get sent out.
Schedule them at any date and time and view what’s in the scheduled queue.
Send them out immediately or on a certain date and time!
Scheduling out messages in intervals is a great way to ensure your customers won’t forget about you or that you won’t forget to send out messages to your list.
We allow you full control of when your SMS messages get sent out so you can schedule out messages months in advance.

We also provide a full calendar to display all the scheduled events inside a monthly/weekly/daily view.
You have the capability to schedule SMS directly from the calendar by clicking a date.
Our full-featured calendar is similar to Google calendar or Outlook where you can view all your scheduled SMS inside a nice calendar layout either in monthly/weekly/daily modes and also be able to schedule directly from the calendar.

You have the ability to easily create recurring weekly and monthly scheduled SMS straight from the scheduled SMS queue.
The Copy WI(Weekly Increment) button will create an exact duplicate of that scheduled SMS, but with a send on date 1 week later.
The Copy MI(Monthly Increment) button will create an exact duplicate of that scheduled SMS, but with a send on date 1 month later.
This is a very fast and easy way to create recurring scheduled SMS, rather than manually creating every scheduled SMS from the Bulk SMS page and having to enter all your details every single time.
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When adding a new scheduled event from within the SMS calendar/scheduler, you can now optionally mark if the event is recurring.
If it is, you can then select what kind of recurring event it is (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly), the frequency of those scheduled events(every day, every 2nd day, every 5th day, once a week, every 2 weeks, etc…), and when those recurring events will end.
This gives you the power and flexibility to now schedule multiple recurring events 1 time without having to create them over and over again!