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Why Coupons and SMS Marketing Campaigns Go Together like Bread and Butter?

Take a few minutes to read through the following, it can really help your marketing campaigns.

Why Coupons and SMS Marketing Campaigns Go Together like Bread and Butter?

There are few things more quintessentially American than bread and butter. They are the ideal combination: morning, noon, and night. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect pairing… but not impossible.

In the marketing world, the bread and butter equivalent is coupons and SMS marketing. While the combination doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, it can be just as satisfying as a coupling.


Well, SMS marketing is all about getting a message across to a mass target audience quickly, competently, and professionally. Coupons introduce the elements of reward, exclusivity, and importantly, urgency.

So, what makes this pairing so effective that it could be considered on an equal level (almost) to bread and butter? Let’s take a look…

SMS Marketing – A Diverse Tool for Every Message

The main purpose behind SMS marketing is conversion with an underlying focus on return on investment. Many companies send bulk messages with the aim of getting their subscribers to do something, such as taking advantage of an offer.

However, the uses of text-based marketing are incredibly varied. SMS can be used to deliver information, provide appointment reminders, and gather information via polls, to name just a few of the possibilities.

A vast range of businesses can use the marketing tool, it’s able to target local consumers and national ones, and it can reach thousands of consumers at the same time. The possibilities are extraordinary, but there is one key aspect of SMS marketing that makes it so important here, speed.

Sending a text is quick, so quick that it’s almost instantaneous. This means that whatever message you’re trying to get to your consumers can reach them virtually instantly, and with them, thousands of other potential customers.

So, what happens when you introduce a coupon element?

Coupons bring a reward to the table, offering consumers a valid reason to convert. They also bring urgency, which when it comes to conversion, is an incredibly important thing.

A limited time coupon, such as 50% off a biscuit when you buy a cup of tea, is something that will make customers act, and do so quickly. It causes a buzz and spurs an audience to communicate with the brand and with their family and friends.

Suddenly, everyone wants their piece of the exclusive reward. They remember a brand and the potential savings and become interested in what it has to offer as a business.

Why Is This Combination So Effective?

There are two sides to the story when it comes to examining just why this combination is such an effective marketing tool. The first side is the effectiveness of SMS marketing when used as part of a campaign.

The Reach of SMS Marketing

As we’ve covered, SMS marketing is fast and diverse, as well as being one of the most effective marketing tools. However, it also has an impressive reach, with an estimated 4.93 billion mobile phone users in the world.

This reach enables a business to target the vast majority of potential consumers on their list in a single campaign. Unlike conventional coupon delivery mediums, such as in local papers or on coupon sites, SMS means that the coupon is delivered directly to the consumer and seen almost instantly.

There is no ‘chance’ element involved with almost 100% of texts being opened, and the majority within seconds of being received. This all but guarantees that the coupon will be received, and then it’s down to the coupon itself to do the rest of the work.

Coupons: Too Good to Resist

Coupons have been popular for decades, but just how popular they are might come as a surprise. Research shows that 96% of the American population use coupons. That’s an extraordinary number that are willing to make full use of a coupons best feature – savings!

The psychology behind the use of coupons is incredibly interesting, and it all centers around a key thing that most consumers have in common; a desire to save money. Coupons can change a customer’s shopping habits, they can reduce the risk of a purchase, and they can convince an individual to buy something they otherwise never would have.

In many cases, the value of the coupon is irrelevant. A 50% saving can be just as enticing whether it’s 50% off a biscuit or 50% off a biscuit making machine. What matters is the instant happiness that finding a coupon brings to the consumer.

When that coupon is delivered via SMS, it has the feeling of exclusivity. The coupon may be a small gesture but it builds brand loyalty, creates engagement, and can encourage consumers to explore different sides of a business that they may otherwise have never experienced.

Avoiding a Soggy Biscuits: Know When Exclusive Turns into Excessive

Of course, you can have too much of a good thing. If you hold your biscuit in your tea for too long, it’s going to go soggy. If you overload your audience with coupons, then the exclusive nature of them disappears, along with the urgency.

Why bother taking advantage of that offer now, when I’ll get the same chance next week?

SMS marketing can outperform traditional marketing but only when it’s used sparingly and enticingly. As with any marketing opportunity, you can burn your audience out, turning potential conversions in unsubscribes.

To keep things fresh and exciting for your consumers, it’s worth mixing up the delivery, content, and amount of discount. Consider different types of coupon, such as:

Coupons and SMS marketing together can bring speed, urgency, and reach to your marketing campaign. They entice, attract, and encourage – everything you need from a good campaign to boost the exposure of your business. Sometimes, all it takes to make money, is to help other people save money.

The Differences Between Good and Great Bulk SMS Marketing Software

Text messaging has come a long way since the first text message was sent more than 25 years ago on the 3rd of December 1992. Now, texts have become one of the world’s most successful advertising and marketing tools, not to mention being used by billions of people to stay in contact with friends and family.

Bulk messaging emerged as a key tool to target large groups of customers in one go. The medium of advertising is able to provide exceptional reach, offer mass marketing in seconds, and create an easy to track response. Bulk SMS messaging has enabled businesses to reach out to customers on personal level that has never been seen before.

Many companies have capitalized on the trend of SMS marketing, offering software that ‘does it all’. This has created quite the problem for businesses actively looking for the best bulk SMS marketing software on the market. Today, simply searching for bulk software is never going to tell you whether or not the software is good or if it is great.

Great marketing comes from differentiating yourself from the crowd, and that starts by finding a software that stands out. Bulk software is in abundance, but it certainly isn’t all great. The secret to finding the right software for your business isn’t by looking solely at ‘bulk’, but by looking at the features.

The right features will give your business access to more, and with it, give your customers access to more at the same time. Here’s are five of the top features that separate great bulk SMS marketing software from the merely ‘good’.

Autoresponders and Scheduling

One of the best capabilities of SMS marketing is to be able to easily schedule when text messages are sent. This puts almost complete control of when messages will be seen in the hands of the sender and enables campaigns to be timed to perfection.

Great software will allow you to easily manage this process, give you the ability to schedule text releases weeks and even months in advance, and group contacts to make sure that the right message goes to the right target audience.

Advanced options will also be a feature of the great software providers, such as the ability to set up autoresponders. An autoresponder communicates with new subscribers on your behalf, sending them a pre-scripted text as soon as they subscribe.

Multimedia Messaging Capabilities

As text messaging has developed, MMS have become the norm with 96 billion SMS and MMS messages sent in the UK in 2016. MMS messages allow you to connect with your target audience on an entirely new level, providing rich content that can engage customers for minutes at a time – extending the capabilities of SMS marketing even more.

The ability to send media messages alongside your text-based content, whenever you want, introduces a new realm of possibility into your campaign. Great software will allow you to manage your MMS campaign as easily as your text-based campaign, and seamlessly time the two for optimum customer impact.

Contests and Polls

Text marketing in used in an exceptional number of industries for an incredibly varied list of reasons. One of these reasons is the running of contests and polls – two of the best ways to generate high levels of customer engagement. Exclusive contests, coupons, promotions, and polls are great ways to learn more about customers and, in return, reward them for subscribing to your list.

Great SMS software makes poll creation an absolute breeze, with text-to-vote polls easy to implement into your campaign and very simple to manage. Polls are an additional source of marketing, bring a business essential information and creating variety for customers. Similarly, contests build band loyalty and further the reach of marketing. Having tools to send out polls and contests at your fingertips is invaluable.

Top software will also go one step further when it comes to customized messaging. There will be options to send birthday greetings automatically and even the ability to send out reminders about appointments, all of which can be scheduled for your convenience.

Social Media Integration

In the first quarter of 2018, there were a recorded 2.196 billion registered Facebook users that were active on a monthly basis – more than a quarter of the world’s population. Being able to integrate your SMS campaign with your social media page seriously improves your customer reach and allows you to target customers that prefer other mediums of communication.

Social media integration is a feature of great SMS bulk marketing software, making it incredibly easy to share the same text-based message straight to a social media page for seamless integration. Integration will also be available for other mediums of communication, such as the ability to send SMS to email and email to SMS.

Management and Monitoring

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between good software and great software is the capabilities for management. As one of the most important aspects of a campaign, good management ability is essential for ongoing campaign success. The best software will allow you to track the performance of the campaign quickly and easily, keep track of subscribers, and view the SMS logs. This ability to monitor progress is invaluable when tailoring a campaign that is all but guaranteed to be successful.

Additional features of great software will make other areas of management easier as well. There will be the ability to search through subscribers, create groups for segmented targeting, and receive delivery statistics to easily analyze the number of received messages in any campaign. With the right software, you’ll always be able to stay ahead of the game and plan your marketing choices with all the relevant information at hand.

The underlying difference between good software for SMS campaigns and great software for SMS marketing, is potential. A great software will enhance the potential of the marketing method, constantly bringing out new innovations to stay ahead of the crowd. Good software plays catch-up, meaning that your business is always behind the latest trends in just what this form of marketing can achieve. Finding great software will mean that you have a long list of possibilities to explore, all for a fair bulk SMS price – affordable marketing at it’s most diverse.

7 Simple Copywriting Hacks You Can Apply to Your SMS Marketing Texts

The purpose of a copywriter is to design text that can boost the awareness of a brand and convince an audience to respond. A good piece of copy will attract readers, keep them engaged, and give them something they need, be it a reason to want to learn more, an exclusive opportunity, or simply high-quality, well-written information.

Good copywriting creates online marketing that gets results.

It goes almost without saying then, that copywriters have created a few industry hacks to make each piece of content truly outstanding. Some of these hacks aren’t transferable to SMS marketing, but the good news is, there are plenty of hacks that are.

Here are 7 copywriting hacks that are simple to implement and ideal for upping your marketing game…

Hack One: Get the Attention of Your Readers with Headings Designed to Create an Impact

Statistically, there is more chance that an article is going to be shared based on the heading than the actual content. 59% of shared social media links are never clicked on, giving the headline of an article more power than the actual body of text.

When it comes to text marketing, the same concept is easily transferable. The heading of the text and the first few lines are going to determine whether or not the actual body of the text is going to reach the reader. A memorable heading that captures attention is key to getting your marketing noticed.

Hack Two: Get Your Value in Quickly and Reinforce It

A catchy heading but poor content is never going to keep the reader entertained. To prevent an audience losing interest quickly, you need to make sure that you present a value and then quickly back it up. This could be an offer, an exclusive deal, or important information.

With SMS marketing, you only have a small amount of characters to play with, and that means that it needs to be packed full of value. If an audience doesn’t feel like they have gained something by reading your SMS, then they are going to quickly consider unsubscribing.

Hack Three: Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Good Statistic

Did you know that around 15,220,700 text messages were sent every minute in 2017?

Statistics capture attention and provide easily memorable information. They communicate, in a short amount of space, what it could take paragraphs to describe in detail.

Packing your text full of stats won’t lead to conversions, but well-placed statistics to back up your point and stress important information can do wonders when it comes to a return on investment.

Hack Four: Match Your Language Choices with That of Your Customer

While sending a message in the right language is a no-brainer, it can pay off to tailor your language use to the exact audience that you’re targeting. This means including relevant colloquialisms, toning down or toning up your language use depending on the content of your message, and including dialect specific phrases, dependent on the area that you’re targeting.

Changing the language in your text can help you to better relate to the reader that you’re targeting and build brand awareness around familiarity. There is an extensive list of dialects within the English Language, and if your campaign is location specific, it’s worth becoming familiar with those that are relevant.

Hack Five: Make Things Straightforward and Don’t Confuse Your Audience

With the limited space in a text message, it’s important to get to the point. A successful piece of copy doesn’t beat around the bush, it takes an audience from point A to point B without leaving any room for confusion along the way.

That’s not to say that description is bad, but when too many options are provided or the information doesn’t flow, it doesn’t present your brand message well. If you want the purpose of your SMS campaign to be to get the audience to use a limited time offer or call you, then focus on that, don’t present multiple other options along the way.

Hack Six: Over Selling Leads to No Selling

The reason behind many marketing campaigns is to sell or advertise, but that shouldn’t be the whole focus of the message. If content is 100% sale and 0% information, then you’re going to lose the interest of your target audience very quickly.

Successful texts strike the right balance of sale and information, with information taking the higher percentage. Sale should never be an afterthought, but it shouldn’t constitute 100% of the message either. You have to encourage your audience want to purchase a product or service, or take advantage of an offer, not bombard them with sales.

Hack Seven: Don’t Try to Be Something That You’re Not

Every company strives to be the biggest and the best, a giant amongst their industry. However, advertising as such is as far from unique as you can get. Going into considerable detail about why your business is the best, is only going to lose the interest of your audience, who very likely, have heard it all before.

Pick your selling points and highlight them. Are you innovative? Are you cost-effective? Are you the largest in your area? A text needs to be short and sweet, and like any piece of professional copy, it needs to keep your reader engaged.

SMS marketing is used in a vast range of industries and the last thing you want is for your text to be lost to the crowd because it didn’t stand out as unique. An essential hack is simply to advertise your company as it is and focus on unique, not off-the-shelf.

A successful marketing campaign with bulk SMS can provide an outstanding return on investment, delivering conversions and strengthening your base of interested customers. However, to capitalize on what SMS marketing is offering, you need to make sure that you’re providing high-quality content that is tailored to your audience.

Perhaps the best copywriting hack of all, is to make every single word, sentence, and paragraph count.