SMS Marketing Tips

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We wish you all the success in your text marketing venture and hope these few tips can help.

1. Short and to the point – No one wants to receive a long-winded text, make it short and to the point, remember 160 characters equals one message and we suggest to not go over one message.

2. Don’t leave it too late, – give customers ample opportunity to absorb and respond to your text.

3. Timing – Think about when you are going to send the message. Don’t send a message at 2:00am, your customers won’t reply, may get annoyed and opt-out if you wake them.

4. Don’t miss the big days – Make sure you don’t miss those big events, like Black Friday, Valentine’s Day and any other big events in your sector.

5. Testing – Schedule different offers to see which works best – A/B test.

6. Ensure links are mobile-friendly – If you are putting a link to your website in the text, make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

7. Business SMS is a versatile medium – Use it to your advantage to promote offers, drive traffic to your website, get feedback, inform/notify customers of opening times along with many other ways you could use SMS.

8. Send at non-peak times – Yes, it’s important to send offers on boxing day and when the sales are on, but everyone will be offering deals then. So why not try sending offers to your customers when they wouldn’t expect a deal, with only your offer to think about you could get a better response rate.

9. Be organised – Make the most of the schedule send option and get your message lined up in advance to avoid last minute panic.

10. Split contact groups – If you have an offer more suitable for a certain demographic, create multiple contact groups so you can target them, meaning you will get a better response rate and not waste money sending to all your customers.

11. Personalise messaging – Add your customer’s name to the message to make it more personal, you can set the system to ask for name, email and birthdate in upper right corner, hover over your username, then click on settings.

12. Urgency – Create a sense of urgency by including an expiration date. When a customer sees that the offer isn’t going to be there forever, it will push them into making a purchase.

13. Analyse – Track your results, how many people have opted out, the click through rate, who purchased. This will give you great data to see which offers work better than others.

14. Automated messages – By having automated messages you can send customers a message after they have made a purchase, or even better after they haven’t made a purchase in a while, you could entice them back with a great offer.
See the scheduling, auto-responders and other tools available to help with this.

15. Consistency – One big mistake is not being consistent with your messages. Create a plan and send out a message every week/month/2 months whatever suites your business the best. Not sending a message in a year then sending 5 in the space of 2 weeks can leave people irritated.
Our scheduling tool is perfect for this, create messages to send in the future, minutes, hours or days from now, your own drip campaign.

16. Don’t use text speak – Yes, it is a mobile phone but sending a message in text speak looks unprofessional and lazy.

17. Tell them who you are – It may be obvious to you but your customer may not know who you are, meaning they may not reply or buy from you.
You could use an image at the top of your message, perhaps your business logo or just use regular text and type in your business name.

18. Clear call to action – It is all well and good offering 20% off, but if your customer doesn’t know what to do to get the offer, what is the point!
Give precise instructions

19. Check your spelling – Yes this goes without saying, but the amount of times we have seen a message go through with a spelling mistake is unbelievable. Double check it for spelling errors.

20. Correct data – The data you have is key, it needs to be up-to-date and accurate. Sending a personalised message to Sally when their name really isn’t Sally and they are a 38-year-old man won’t go down well.