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Textafied is a Smarter SMS (Text) Marketing software that allows you to create affordable, effective SMS marketing campaigns quickly and easily to take advantage of this booming industry.

Textafied uses long codes, or (Virtual Mobile Phone Numbers)
Many SMS Marketing companies use short codes in combination with keywords, our Virtual Mobile Numbers(long codes) completely bypass the expense of getting a dedicated, or leased short code number, which saves you money.
With shared short codes, in most cases you can only use 1 keyword and if you want to use additional keywords, other SMS marketing services will charge you extra for those on a monthly basis.
Also, if the keyword you want is already used by someone else, you have to use another keyword since you are sharing your number.
For example, if you want to use the keyword “PIZZA” but it is already in use, then you might have to try “PIZZA1” or “PIZZA4U” or whatever else might be available.
With long codes, they’re only associated with you and your account, so you can create as many and whatever keywords you want, at no extra cost.
In fact using many different keywords can be beneficial because it allows you to test the effectiveness of each keyword and what has the better response rate without paying the extra fees for each additional keyword.
Your customers can also save your number in their phone and immediately recognize the text came from you, they can also reply if need be.
With shared short codes, they could be receiving text messages from other businesses (your competitors) using the same number that you are using and cannot reply to a short code.
Long codes cut through the numerous restrictions, extra expense and the very lengthy approval process associated with short codes.
Setting up a long code campaign is fast and easy.
With long codes, you can enjoy 2 way communication where short codes can’t.
For example, using a short code and messaging "Text Pizza to 88273 for 50% off", this doesnt let your customer reply to you or ask questions.
Using a long code number with the same message "Text Pizza to 1-226-686-2213 for 50% off" not only acomplishes the same task at a fraction of the cost, but also allows 2-way communication, your customer will see your long code number and can reply if neccesary.
It also is ideal for customer service, turning a $10.00 customer service telephone call into a text message for just pennies!

So it`s easy to see why we prefer longcodes .


Manage your professional list of subscribers in our contact management module. View the source of all sign-ups, whether they signed up through SMS keyword, web widget, kiosk, or if they were manually added.

Search on name, number, group and source of sign-up. Send these contacts a SMS individually from here or as part of a group from the bulk SMS module.

Bulk SMS

At the heart of a SMS marketing campaign is the ability to send Bulk SMS messages to your subscribers.

Send to 1 group or multiple groups at once! Send messages to your customers to announce deals or discounts you want to promote which can bring in massive business.

SMS Polls

Create polls to collect valuable information from your subscribers and another tool to keep your subscribers engaged.

What better way to engage a large audience than by sending a poll out to your subscribers allowing them to vote on their favorite menu item, or favorite song for example.

SMS Loyalty Rewards

Forget those archaic and often misplaced paper punch cards. Offer SMS “punch card” loyalty rewards to your customers and build loyalty to your brand to keep customers happy and coming back.

Digital punch cards remove any unnecessary hurdles and dramatically increase customer engagement.


Send your subscribers automated messages after subscribing on a preset schedule, like email autoresponder work.

Automatically send them a messsage 1 day, 7 days or 30 days after they subscribe. Setup an entire follow-up SMS campaign with them after they subscribe.

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