What is Text Marketing

      Advertise your keyword & your number along with a good offer or deal to entice people to join your SMS list

      Remember "a good offer" will attract not only the initial contact, but 95% of the time they will spread the "good deal" by word of mouth to family and friends


Advertise it !!!
      Place your keyword/offer and number outside on signs, on your yard, in parks, parking lots, put signs inside on table tops, menus, cash register, at the door, post it on facebook, put it in the local newspaper, flyers, emails, put a sign on your vehicle, taxis, buses, your limited only by your own imagination.

      Once you get your keyword/good offer "out there" you'll be amazed at the response and begin to understand the power and reach available with text marketing.

Feature your opt-in keyword & message on social media and encourage your followers to share/retweet

Use Google AdWords

Set up a contest with prizes for customers and/or employees who refer the most new subscribers

Offer new clients discounts, sales, coupons etc. if they subscribe

Update your company's email signature to include your keyword

Include your keyword, long code and incentives on your business cards

Add your keyword, long code and incentive details to your voicemail and on-hold message

Create space on your website where you can place sign up forms for new subscribers. Our platform allows you to easily build such web sign-up forms under your tools menu

Create your own "Customer Loyalty Program" (available in your account) under your tools menu > SMS Loyalty Programs & Kiosk Builder