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Powerful SMS software.

Powerful, easy to use software.

Our text marketing ✅ software is cutting edge and loaded with all the features serious marketers demand, but simple to use and works equally well on all your devices.
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No contracts or hidden fees

No contracts. No hidden fees.

Our free SMS marketing service doesn`t have any contracts, hidden fees or surprises. Your free to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time you wish. No problem!

Learn text messaging in Canada and U.S.A.

Bulk SMS, MMS, Loyalty Rewards and more.

Learn how to use SMS Marketing free, let our bulk texting services work for you, enabling you to quickly reach all of your contacts and engage with them, promote your business or services, or make announcements. Textafied makes SMS Messaging fun, easy and affordable!

Text Marketing Works Equally Well In Virtually Any Industry

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A few popular features

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Manage your professional list of subscribers in our secure contact management module.

  • View Source of All Sign-Ups
  • Whether SMS keyword, subscribed via web sign-up widget, digital loyalty kiosk or if they were manually added.

  • Full Search Feature
  • Search contacts based on different criteria. By name, number, group and source of sign-up.

  • Bulk Import Feature
  • Ability to manually add and import contacts automatically into the system via a .CSV file upload if you already have permission.

SMS contests or Text-To-Win campaigns is a fantastic way to engage audience and improve brand recognition.

  • Grow your subscribers/opt-in list for future sales-oriented marketing campaigns.
  • Engage your customers/audience and increase brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Promote existing and new product or service, drive traffic and increase sales.
  • Gain unique insights about your target audience.
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Appointment reminders to reduce no-shows because your clients forgot appointment.

  • Appointment Settings
  • Ability to Setup with custom appointment color for each confirm, cancel, and reschedule keywords.

  • Appointment List
  • View of all appointments created in the system with a default appointment reminder message containing the appointment keywords.

  • Appointment Calendar
  • View all appointments for all contacts in a different color depending on its status.

Automatically send SMS back to the subscribers after they join your list.

  • Automatically send them a message 1 - 7 days or 30 days after they subscribe. You set whatever interval you want; and the choice is yours.
  • In addition, you can also create your autoresponders to get sent after certain # of hours.
  • Engage your subscribers and keep them interested. Setup an entire follow-up SMS campaign with your subscribers, all handled automatically once you have your autoresponder series configured exactly how you want.
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Polls or Text-To-Vote can reveal how you can better reach new customers by identifying trends in your current customers.

  • To keep your subscribers engaged by sending a question allowing them to vote on their favorite menu item, or favorite song etc. as well as collecting valuable information from your customers.
  • To bring awareness to any special offer, event or product that you want to expose to your subscribers. A quick textual advertisement at the end of the poll can help you bring exposure to that event or offer.
  • To asking questions that can help you refine your marketing methods, product, and target market. The answers you receive from these polls can help you make an informed decision on your next marketing changes or campaign initiatives.

Customer Retention is one of the most important factors that drive growth. Forget those archaic and often misplaced paper punch cards. You can now offer SMS “punch card” loyalty rewards to your customers and build loyalty to your brand to keep customers happy and coming back.

  • Use mobile punch cards remove any unnecessary hurdles and dramatically increase customer engagement.
  • Just a simple text with the program punch code for that day and points are automatically tracked for a given user.
  • When customers get to a specified amount of points, a reward message will be sent to that user, who can then redeem their reward.
  • Different loyalty reward programs can be created, each having their own start and end dates, reward points and messages. Works great in many different industries.
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  • SMS birthday wishes are just another way to keep your subscribers retained, engaged and happy in what your offering. Textafied gives you the flexibility to collect your contacts' birthdays when they subscribe to your list.
  • Birthday SMS feature, can be turned on/off for certain groups of subscribers. Maybe you only want to collect birthdays for one group and not the rest.
  • If this feature is turned on in the platform, it will automatically send them a text message back after they subscribe asking them to provide their birth date in YYYY-MM-DD format. Then, on their birthday or even a certain amount of days before, our system will automatically send them your customized birthday text message or even a birthday card sent over as MMS with a special discount or coupon to use on their special day.
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  • a QR code allows the gap between offline and online businesses to be bridged. This means that instead of waiting on a consumer to go home, enter an URL and sign up for a mailing list, they can subscribe their mobile phone to one just by scanning a code.
  • Customers can look up more information on a product or service, view landing pages and do even more things that a printed page simply doesn’t have room for.
  • Create many different types of QR Codes : URL, Location (which is linked to coordinates on Google Maps), E-Mail, Text, Phone, SMS, WI-FI, V-card, and even PayPal !

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Grow your Opt-in SMS marketing list fast and easy.
Our system provides the tools to build your loyalty kiosk, website widgets, mobile splash pages, autoresponders and lots more to start and constantly expand your own text marketing list.

Email Marketing Service Integration

        We've integrated with some of the major email marketing services, Mailchimp, AWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, and SendinBlue.
        So now, any time a new contact provides their email address, either by texting it in (if email capture is turned on), through the web widget sign-up form, kiosk, or if you add one manually, their email address will get added automatically to whatever email list you select in your email marketing provider.

Email integration

Create Sub-Accounts For Users

        A user can create their own sub-accounts with permissions on what they have access to inside the parent account. A sub-account can basically access the parent account(with their own username and password), but with different permissions based on how a parent account sets it.
        If you have team members that you want to delegate work on different modules within the platform and only give them access to specific features, you now have that ability!

SMS Sub-Accounts
See complete features list here

Measuring your results has
never been so simple

Beautiful, intuitive reporting that helps you understand campaign performance at-a-glance.

Advanced Analytics

  Research and  learn about your customers' preferences and satisfaction.

  • SMS Campaign Tracking

  • Track your marketing success with easy-to-read reports in real-time, Percentage of people who have subscribed Vs Unsubscribed in each given period of time.

  • Track Subscribers

  • Engagement report and compare campaigns by Keyword, Source, Mobile Carrier.

  • Deliverability

  • Track how much text is delivered to gauge your sms mms marketing success by looking at how many text reach subscribers.

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