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                  Whatever you like to call it, SMS marketing can make a huge impact on organizations or businesses of any size.
      If you own or manage a small business in these uncertain times you’re probably fighting for its very survival.

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and see for yourself the incredible power that text marketing can have.
No credit card needed, no obligations or hidden fees, simply a free opportunity to discover SMS marketing and what it can do for you.

      We can help get you setup and started so all you will need to do is advertise your keyword, try our mobile marketing software, with no risk or obligations, experience it yourself for free before making any decisions.
      You can cancel at anytime from within your account with no questions asked.

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We make it easy and free for you to get started
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All new members start with our free text marketing plan - no cost & no risk.

Register your free account and receive:Learn to use the software and tools before any committment.
Contact us & ask for your "FREE TOP-UP" when your initial 100 credits are gone.

You can receive 100 free credits per month, 100 when you register, then 100 each month when your previous credits are gone.

These free credits are made available to help you to learn to use the software and all the features and tools, finding out what works best for your situation before subscribing to a monthly plan.

ONLY when YOUR READY, and feel you have out-grown the free plan, you can upgrade to a text credit plan that fits your needs, or if text marketing is not for you, simply cancel from within your account at any time with no questions asked.

So, if your thinking of trying text marketing for your business or organization, your in the right place.

We do incurr a cost for the toll free numbers and credits so accounts that are inactive for an extended time will be closed unless you contact us.
The purpose of our free monthly plan is to help those who are truly interested in learning text marketing.


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What is Text or SMS marketing?
            Text marketing, SMS marketing ( Short Message Service Marketing ) or text message marketing by definition is simply the act of acquiring interested opted-in contacts, then sending promotional marketing messages or time-sensitive offers, updates or alerts to the people who have consented to receive these messages from your business.
The messages are sent in the form of "a text message" through an online SMS marketing platform such as Textafied.com

    When you register your free Textafied account your then able to choose a toll-free number that will be assigned to your account and used by our software for sending all messages.

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    Our software is loaded with very powerful marketing tools and features that will make all your marketing campaigns simple, plus we will setup the first campaign for you!
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