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      Text message marketing or SMS marketing (Short Message Service Marketing) by definition is simply the act of acquiring interested opted-in contacts, then "texting" them marketing messages or important info in the form of "a text message" through an online SMS marketing platform such as Textafied.

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    Easily send mobile text message marketing information using Bulk SMS, MMS, Loyalty Rewards, Auto Responders, QR Codes, 2-Way Chat, Appointment Reminders, SMS Contests, Birthday Wishes and much much more, all while growing your customer base, loyalties and revenues!

How text marketing works

Advertise your longcode along with a good offer or deal if they join your SMS list
For example:
Text marketing for restaurants

Text marketing message

SMS marketing

Text marketing info

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  Text Marketing Works Equally Well In Virtually Any Industry

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How much could your business be earning with SMS marketing?

If you have opted-in customers, and send text campaigns per month, get a percent redemption rate, and they spend dollars per campaign,

Your potential earnings are:
Per month!         

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Whether you're using it for information alerts, sales events, coupons, discounts, announcements, or important notifications, you`ll find it simple, fast and efficient to contact your entire list of subscribers or even just one or a few at a time.

Text marketing services built for small business

When your customers or contacts text in your chosen keyword to your long code, ie:(your free virtual phone number)
Then our software automatically adds them to your contacts list and will instantly send back your fully customizable auto-response where you can thank them for joining and have the option of collecting their email and/or birthdates for future marketing endeavors.
Our easy to follow online guide and video tutorials will help walk you through how to use the software.

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Unmatched Power
Text marketing has incredible power and reach!
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Easily read all analytical charts at a glance.
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A rich feature set loaded with all the tools needed.

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