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What is text marketing?

Text message marketing or SMS marketing by definition is simply the act of acquiring interested opted-in contacts, then "texting" them marketing messages or important info in the form of "a text message" through an online SMS (Short Message Service) marketing platform such as Textafied.

SMS marketing power

Incredible Reach & Power

The reach and power of SMS is un matched in any form of advertising, grow your revenues fast.

SMS marketing features


We provide the features & tools expected by expert marketers, but are easy to use even for beginners.

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Our Software

Our platform includes simple to read analytical charts. See your subscribers by keyword, carrier or source at just a glance.

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About Text Marketing

Watch a quick video explanation of how text marketing can grow your business exponentially.

Whether you're using it for information alerts, sales events, coupons, discounts, announcements, or important notifications, you`ll find it simple, fast and efficient to contact entire lists of subscribers, a single subscriber or several at any one time.

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Text "DEMO" to 1-202-788-6505 to see how it works on your cell phone.
Msg & data rates may apply.

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Take a look at the back end, or "your account page" although this is just a
, you can see the poweful tools available at your fingertips

Text marketing services built for small business

      When your customers or contacts text in your chosen keyword to your long code, ie:(your free virtual phone number),
then our software automatically adds them to your contacts list and will instantly send back your fully customizable auto-response where you can thank them for joining and have the option of collecting their email and/or birthdates for future marketing endeavors.
Our easy to follow online guide and video tutorials will help walk you through how to use the software.

Learn Text Marketing

The Best Way to Learn Text Marketing is by Doing It!

Use our FREE PLAN to build your opt in lists and revenues without investing a cent!

Upgrade to a larger plan ONLY when you feel ready and are comfortable with our software, or cancel anytime, no questions or obligations.



Here are a few of our more common frequently asked questions, view the entire list here

  • How Does the Free Text Marketing Plan work?

       Our Free Plan is a very simple straight forward way for you to give the software a test drive, and learn text marketing techniques as well as get familiar with our software .
       When you sign up we give you 100 text credits free.
       Use the software to learn as much as you can about text marketing, building your customer lists while growing your revenues.
       When you have used all free text credits, just contact us (with your username and email) and ask for your free "Top Up".
       You can receive 100 free text credits per month, cancel or upgrade at anytime, its your choice, we are confident that once you learn the basics of SMS marketing you will continue using our service.
       Try out all the "Features and Tools" available in your account.
       We realize this isnt something most people will jump right into, it will take some time and a little effort on your part, thats why we will give you free credits every month so you can learn Text Marketing at your own pace.
       No obligations, No credit cards, No fees, No kidding.
       Just a Free opportunity to learn how you can use the amazing power of Text Message Marketing to explode your business!
       When your ready and feel that you have out grown the Free Plan, you can upgrade to any paid plan at anytime, or if Text Marketing is not for you, simply cancel your account, its all up to you.

  •    Text message costs are 1 credit for SMS and 2 credits for MMS. Incoming messages are free.

  •    A Keyword is a unique term (letters and/or numbers that you choose) that people can use to communicate with you.

  •    Consider the following scenario.
       You create a keyword (such as "JOIN").
       You advertise your keyword anywhere ( such as on a sign, poster, newspaper, facebook, in your menu, tabletops, etc. ie: Text JOIN to 887-997-9987 to get your weekly discounts at Joes Restaurant )
       Your friends and customers can then text the Keyword "JOIN" back to your long code number (that you choose for free when you register) to automatically join your group messaging list.
       Our software will automatically respond to them, with a customizable message confirming that they have joined ("opted-in" to) your group SMS list.
       You can then text your marketing messages ( coupons, sales info, menu specials, announcements etc. ) to your opted in subscribers, send to the entire group at once or select individuals that you want to receive your messages, you can also schedule messages to be sent at future dates & times creating a drip feed effect.

  •    Register now, and you'll be texting in less than five minutes.
       We provide you with 100 text message credits and 2 voice message credits monthly, to try out the software, and learn at your own pace with no obligations, fees or risk.
       If your having problems getting started, just use the CONTACT form and we will get you set up and running, then all you need to do is advertise your keyword!
       You are not required to provide a credit card until you decide that you would like to upgrade to a larger plan and purchase credits.

  •    All you need is a computer or Mobile device and an Internet connection.
       Our software is completely web-based, so there is nothing to download.
       You can use a PC, a Mac, or mobile phone, Textafied will work on any system.


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If you want us to set up your first SMS marketing campaign, you must include the following info.
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My chosen long code number = 1-234-567-8999
My first & last name = John James
My username = JJ
My Business name = Best Pizza and Subs
Physical postal address of my business = 1125 Dundas St. East London Ontario, Canada N5K 2K0
My business phone number = 1-416-545-9999
My desired keyword and how many times per mth I plan to message my list = keyword(Best-Pizza) 6-8 times per month

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