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Powerful text message marketing services for any small business or organization

Our SMS marketing service allows you to send mobile text messages for marketing alerts, sales events, coupons, discounts, announcements, reminders, notifications and more. Textafied makes it easy, efficient and cost effective.
Text marketing power
Text Marketing is Powerful
98% of all text messages are read within three minutes, this fact alone makes text message marketing the most powerful form of advertising today!
SMS marketing platform
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Easily send and track all your text messages, monitor your campaign performance and subscribers by keyword, source and carrier.
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Rich Feature Set
Our text marketing service provides all the features that serious marketers demand, yet are simple enough for beginners as well.

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How much could you be earning with SMS Marketing?

If you have opted-in customers, and send text campaigns per month, get a percent redemption rate, and they spend dollars per campaign, this gives you potential earnings of:

Per month!

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SMS marketing & a few ways to use it for your business

Our text message marketing service isn't just convenient for your customers, it's also very good for your business.
Discover how SMS marketing and two-way messaging gives you the competitve edge.


Reach More People
Build an audience of highly engaged subscribers with text-for-info, customizable sign-up widgets, kiosks, mobile page builders and more.
Announce Sales
No more A/B testing subject lines hoping for higher open rates. With text message marketing, your offers are always seen.
Personalize Messages
Use segments and custom fields to make your text marketing campaigns unique to every subscriber—automatically.
Track Results
Gain insight into what's working. Use analytics to quickly check in on click-throughs, delivery, subscriber growth, and more.

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Delight Clients
Your clients would rather text than call or email. They'll love the ability to text your number for more information.
Announce Sales
Cut down on phone tag and work load, automate outreach.
Close More Deals
Increase your reply rate from leads. Use two-way texting to follow-up with leads and field questions.
Work Together
Seamlessly collaborate with your team. Our sub-accounts feature gives all of your departments and agents their own textafied account where you can set access to which features are available to them.

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Source Candidates
Speed up your hiring process. Create a keyword (e.g., Text JOBS to 1 202 788 6505) which you can promote online, written ads or in-person.
Invite Applicants
Take advantage of text marketing's high response rates. Instantly send a text campaign to groups of candidates inviting them to apply.
Schedule Interviews
Avoid back-and-forth email chains and buried replies. Send a link to your calendar to schedule interviews faster.
Coordinate Your Team
Whether you need to schedule shifts, remind your team of open enrollment, or ask for t-shirt sizes, texting saves you time.

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Find New Customers
Set up a text-for-info keyword (e.g., Text INFO to 1 202 788 6505) and promote it in emails, radio spots, billboards, newspapers, yard signs and anywhere else you can think of.
Collect Emails and More
Trigger a series of text messages to collect first name, last name, birthday, email and more. Use this data in your marketing for a more personalized effect.
Follow-Up Faster
Send a text as soon as someone signs up. Enter new subscribers into a text marketing drip campaign to keep them engaged.
Segment Your Audience
Get unlimited keywords with any plan. Create unique keywords for different audiences, events, promotions, and more.

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Reduce No-Shows
Missed appointments are inconvenient and costly. Send a text to clients days, hours, or minutes before their scheduled time.
Reschedule Easily
Need to reschedule? Don't risk it on a voicemail. Use two-way text messaging to quickly find a new, convenient time.
Connect with Your Email Marketing Service
We've integrated with some of the major email marketing services, Mailchimp, AWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, and SendinBlue.
So now, any time a new contact provides their email address, either by texting it in (if email capture is turned on), through the web widget sign-up form, kiosk, or if you add one manually, their email address will get added automatically to whatever email list you select in your email marketing provider.
Create Templates
Save time with customizable templates. Write your frequently sent messages then re-use them over and over again.

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About mass text messaging services

Our bulk SMS text messaging service is awesome. SMS messaging is a communication channel that allows you to text advertise, promote, announce, and engage with your audience through text messaging directly to their mobile phones. You can instantly send bulk text messages to a large number of recipients all at once and within seconds.

Quickly broadcast your text messages

With just a simple click of the button, you can quickly text blast to your entire contact list sending text messages effortlessly. Text messaging has proved to be the most effective form of communication, with an amazing 98% read rate within three minutes of receiving a text message. 

Free text marketing in Canada

People never leave home without a mobile phone

Our SMS marketing services platform offers unparalleled opportunities to reach your contacts instantly and keep yourself literally in the palm of their hands. With our powerful tools of automated SMS and MMS engagement, automated text messages, and country wide mobile cell phone coverage, there is no one you can’t reach.

SMS marketing services built for you

Textafied is the world's best text marketing service for three reasons. The online SMS and MMS mass text messaging service is easy to use, loaded with features and simple to afford. Our Free plan to start, then upgraded plans start as low as $14.99 per month.

Customers love SMS marketing

MMS marketing services built for you

When your customers or contacts text your own personal keyword to your long code, the platform will automatically add them to your contact list and instantly text back a fully customizable response. Our easy to follow online guide walks you through how to use the platform.

The benefits of text message marketing

Traditional forms of marketing & advertising for small business just can't compare. Texting has become the #1 way of communicating. Because text messaging has a 10x better open rate then emails, you are sure to get a rapid response on your efforts. Our bulk SMS and MMS text messaging services work for you, enabling you to instantly reach thousands of contacts and engage with them, send promotional messages about your services, or make announcements. Textafied makes text message marketing fun!

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