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Only real business domain-related email accounts, which are monitored regularly.
( ie: )
Fake or throw away email accounts will result in account deletion.

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Free text marketing accounts are limited in availability, so it's first come, first served.
These accounts are intended for those who truly wish to learn text marketing & the many different features and tools of our software.
We are charged by the carriers for any SMS sent from these free accounts, therefore:
Free accounts that are inactive for an extended period will be deleted to free up space for others.
Any mis-use or spam will result in immediate cancellation.
Use our software and learn to use the tools and features available to you, advertise your keywords and watch your customer base (and your revenues) grow!

If there are no free accounts available when you register, come back and try again in a few days, as free account holders outgrow the free plan and choose to move up to a larger plan, new free accounts become available.

Let us set up your first auto responder and your compliancy page.
Your free to login and edit any info at any time


We will set up your terms & conditions page (compliancy page) and your first autoresponder.

Or you may set up your own compliance page, whichever you prefer.

Then you must advertise your keyword !!      more on that here

You can login and edit any info at any time, we hope you can make good use of our software and share our site with friends

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Currently available in Canada & U.S.A. only

        Text message marketing or SMS marketing (Short Message Service Marketing) by definition is simply the act of acquiring interested opted-in contacts, then "texting" them marketing messages or important info in the form of "a text message" through an online SMS marketing platform such as Textafied.

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Text "Demo" to 1-202-788-6505 to see how it works on your cell phone.
Msg & data rates may apply.

Free Text Message Marketing

      When your small business outgrows the free plan, and your comfortable with our software, we hope that you decide to remain with Textafied and choose a monthly plan that best fits your business needs.

      But of course if text marketing isn't for you, your free to cancel your account, for any reason, at anytime, with no fees, questions or obligations!
      No risk & nothing to loose!


      With our free plan, you won't need your credit card, there are no hidden fees or obligations and you will receive 100 text credits free every month to learn as you grow and earn as you learn.

      Learn every aspect of text message marketing while getting familiar with our software, expanding your customer base and growing your small business revenues as you learn, 100% free!

      Then, as your customer list grows you can login to your textafied account once or twice a week and send your marketing messages to your opted in members, one at a time, a few at a time or the entire list with a single click!

        You'll be amazed at how easy and quickly your opt-in customer list grows with a "good irresistible offer" as an enticement.
        People naturally tend to tell family and friends about good deals they find and that fact combined with a good offer will grow your business exponentially.

        Take advantage of our powerful features and tools available from your account, bulk SMS, MMS, loyalty rewards, birthday greetings, kiosk builder, mobile page builder, auto responders, bulk text message scheduling, appointment reminders and on and on.

        If you have any questions or problems, we're happy to help, read our frequently asked questions or please contact us from the form below.


Free Text Marketing Software

Works Equally Well In Virtually Any Small Business

Check out our extensive list of SMS marketing features & tools accessible from your account, all included in every plan including the free plan, along with a 20% Referral Program available for all members that are subscribed to any of our low cost plans.

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How text marketing works

Advertise your longcode along with a good offer or deal if they join your SMS list
For example:
Text marketing for restaurants

Text marketing message

Text marketing for real estate

Text marketing loyalty program

SMS marketing software

SMS marketing

Text marketing info

Learn text marketing, at your own pace with our FREE SMS marketing plan, building revenues for free as you grow your small business!

Upgraded members (paid subscribers to a text credit package) enjoy our referral program where they can refer other colleagues, friends and businesses to Textafied. Each referred client will generate a 20% commission to the referring affiliate each month the referred client has an active paid subscription.

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How much could your business be earning with SMS marketing?

If you have opted-in customers, and send text campaigns per month, get a percent redemption rate, and they spend dollars per campaign,

Your potential earnings are:
Per month!         

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Build your opt in lists and revenues without investing a cent!

Upgrade to a larger plan ONLY when you feel ready and are comfortable with our software, or cancel anytime, no questions or obligations.

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Whether you're using it for information alerts, sales events, coupons, discounts, announcements, or important notifications, you`ll find it simple, fast and efficient to contact your entire list of subscribers or even just one or a few at a time.

Text marketing services built for small business

When your customers or contacts text in your chosen keyword to your long code, ie:(your free virtual phone number)
Then our software automatically adds them to your contacts list and will instantly send back your fully customizable auto-response where you can thank them for joining and have the option of collecting their email and/or birthdates for future marketing endeavors.
Our easy to follow online guide and video tutorials will help walk you through how to use the software.

Text marketing power
Unmatched Power
Text marketing has incredible power and reach!
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Easily read all analytical charts at a glance.
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A rich feature set loaded with all the tools needed.

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