How to do Free Text Marketing

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          When you're looking for a text message marketing solution, it's understandable to not know exactly what features you may need.

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How to do free text message marketing

How to do free SMS marketing

          Having access to the right features and tools is essential to any successful text marketing campaign.
      Text message marketing services should do much more than simply send texts.
      They should be a full-scale marketing solution that:
Helps you to engage with your audience, expand your customer base, track results and improve customer service.

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Below are some of the features we think businesses will find most valuable:

Analytics and reports:logogreen checkmark
Any text message marketing solution worth its salt will offer helpful reports on your campaigns, contacts and keywords that you can use to improve future campaigns.

Automation:logogreen checkmark
The best text message marketing companies will offer automation tools, which are helpful if you want to send the same text message regularly, such as recurring reminders.

Contact management:logogreen checkmark
Accurate, up-to-date contact lists are vital to your campaigns. If your contact list is full of old numbers, customers won't receive your messages, and your campaigns won't succeed.
The best text message marketing solutions make it easy to add contacts and import existing lists.

Customization:logogreen checkmark
Successful text message campaigns are personalized.
The best solutions will allow you to capture customer data, such as the person's full name, email, birthday, and address.

Drip campaigns:logogreen checkmark
The better SMS marketing systems will offer drip campaigns, or automated customer journeys, with actions triggered based on conditions you set.
For example, a welcome text goes out when a customer subscribes; they receive a thank-you message when they make their first purchase, with other triggered texts ( timed autoresponders) to follow.

Free incoming text messages:logogreen checkmark
The best text message marketing companies don't charge you for the texts you receive from customers.

Integrations:logogreen checkmark
Good text message companies integrate with other platforms, such as email marketing tools like Mailchimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, AWeber and Sendinblue.

Message templates:logogreen checkmark
If you send the same text message frequently, look for a solution that lets you create and save templates so you can send messages faster.

Multimedia messaging:logogreen checkmark
The better SMS services allow you to send pictures, videos and audio clips. These are also known as MMS messages.

Unlimited Mobile keywords:logogreen checkmark
The best solutions allow you to choose as many free custom keywords as you need and track the use of these keywords in your campaign.

Scheduling:logogreen checkmark
With the better services, you can schedule text messages in advance to your target audiences.

Surveys:logogreen checkmark
The best services make it easy to gather customer feedback with polls, contests and surveys.

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