Text Marketing Compliance.

Keeping your text marketing compliant is easily done with our software tools, including the mobile page builder, link shortener and auto responders. ✅

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The first thing to do after signing up is create your Information page
( or Terms & Conditions )
which will keep you compliant with the Text Marketing laws governing Canada and the U.S.
It should contain all information as laid out in
Telephone Consumer Protection Act for U.S. residents
Or Canada's Anti Spam Legislation or 'C.A.S.L.'
Namely : Express Consent
( which is obtained when an individual opts in to your group or list by texting your keyword to your long code. )
A one-action opt-out, or unsubscribe option.
( which is the “reply Stop to end” message which is automatically added to the end of each message by our software. )
( Business name, your name, physical postal address and 1 additional method of contact. )
see image below.
See our Anti-Spam Policy for Compliancy Laws & Regulations

You must include a link to your Info/Compliancy page in your first/initial text to an opted in member.
Which would be your first auto-responder message
Example Auto-Responder

In this case, our Info page link is ( this page )
https://textafied.com/pages/sms_marketing_compliancey as shown in your address bar.
You can use the link shortener in your account to shorten your link & save character space. ie: http://bit.ly/2JEAdg6
Your Info/Terms & Conditions link does not need to be repeated in every subsequent text message, just the initial response after a customer joins your group.
Also, you can create up to 6 Mobile pages in total, in case you may need more for your business.
If you experience any problems or are unsure how to create these mobile pages, we're happy to help

Sample Info/Terms Page
Terms & Conditons Demo